Excellent managers, excellent teams

Agile, self-organised teams are all the rage – but what does this mean specifically for managers and teams? How does it change their relationships and day-to-day work? Good managers and excellent teams deliver exceptional results,

but require a business climate where employees feel safe. Your employees have to know that they are allowed to make mistakes, so they can learn from them.

You need a high degree of coordination between everyone involved and the will to achieve a good result. It is a manager’s duty to create this business climate and be more than just an authority figure. But what duties does a manager have if a team is self-organised? Good question!

We offer interactive workshops for managers and employees on agile teams and moderate the transition to a new business culture. We also lead team and individual meetings, both with and without managers, and shadow them in their day-to-day work – to get an impression and get a feel for the mood.

We identify the levers that can improve your co-operation. We work together with your employees to foster a new understanding and create excellent teams and managers who deliver excellent performance.

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