Agile Coaching

Your agile project is not progressing - you don't know where it currently stands or it is even in a bad shape? We will work with you to get the project back on track!

We identify the fundamental structural and organisational problems and work out solutions together with you and the team to ensure the success of the project.

From our experience, important adjustments are, for example:

  • The sensible organisation of team meetings,
  • Measuring the success of the project or
  • An appropriate stakeholder management throughout the company.

In doing so, we bring the necessary amount of pressure for change and just as much as the team or the company can bear at the moment.

Our experienced consultants have practical experience in the respective roles within agile projects and usually also come from the respective industry, so they understand what the company is about.

We advise teams just as efficiently as top management and also understand the interfaces, such as purchasing or other functions.

With our support, your project goes from "red" to "green" and we leave experience for the next projects in your company.

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